What is CMUMC?

The Carnegie Mellon University Math Club (CMUMC) is a student-run math club open to everyone who loves math: math-major or not, undergraduate or graduate.

We host lectures twice a month with free pizza. Lectures are given by faculty, graduate students, or undergrads like you! In the past, topics have included Fermi estimation, the fundamental group, the Hausdorff metric, and crossing numbers of complete graphs. If you're interested in speaking, please let us know!

Each year, we participate in Spring Carnival by building a booth with fun mathematical puzzles inside. Even if you're not into math, booth is a great way to get your hands dirty and have some fun.


2017-2018 Officers

President: Zachary Singer
Email: zsinger@andrew.cmu.edu
Vice President: Katie Hanson
Email: khanson@andrew.cmu.edu
Secretary: Alisa Chang
Email: alisac@andrew.cmu.edu
Treasurer: Liza Sulkin
Email: esulkin@andrew.cmu.edu


2015-2016 Officers

Co-President: Fan Yang
Email: fanyang1@andrew.cmu.edu
Co-President: Kate Borst
Email: kborst@andrew.cmu.edu
Treasurer: Zachary Singer
Email: zsinger@andrew.cmu.edu
Secretary: Katie Hanson
Email: khanson@andrew.cmu.edu
Outreach: Sharon Romero
Email: sromero@andrew.cmu.edu

2014-2015 Officers

President: Zachary Greenberg
Email: zng@andrew.cmu.edu
Vice President: David Mehrle
Email: dmehrle@andrew.cmu.edu
Treasurer: Stanley Krasner
Email: skrasner@andrew.cmu.edu
Secretary: Kate Borst
Email: kborst@andrew.cmu.edu
Outreach: Sharon Romero
Email: sromero@andrew.cmu.edu

Contact us!

CMUMC on the Bridge: thebridge.cmu.edu/organization/mathclub
CMUMC mailing list: tinyurl.com/cmumcmail
CMU Math Department: math.cmu.edu